Steam Trap Audits

Allow our steam trap testing specialists to perform an audit at your facility today.  We test with ultrasonic testing equipment and provide a comprehensive data software program. Learn more

Steam System Reviews

KEI specializes in on site system analysis for any steam system large or small.  Allow our engineering staff to review your system and provide solutions to your steam demands. Learn more

Condensate System Reviews

Condensate is liquid gold to a steam system.  Allow KEI to trouble shoot system issues (Water Hammer), and provide solutions to meet your facilities needs. Learn more

Turnkey Projects

Allow KEI will do a project from start to finish with our full turnkey capabilities. Learn more

Project Management

Our experienced staff will work with your facility to take on any project with the steam and condensate system. Learn more


Allow us to design and layout you’r steam and condensate piping with CAD drawings to meet your facilities requirements and proper plant layout. Learn more