KEI provides engineering services for: Steam & Condensate System Design, Piping Design, Equipment Sizing, Heat Transfer Design, Heat Recovery, and will also provide CAD prints and P&ID drawings for the facility.

Steam & Condensate System Design & Audits

KEI will engineer and design a full steam and condensate system to best practices to meet your facility needs. KEI provides skid designs, turnkey projects, and project management. KEI will work with the plant personnel to achieve all the short term and long-term goals for system reliability and efficiency.

  • Steam and Condensate System Audits
  • Steam Trap Audits
  • Valve Audits and Walkdowns
  • Heat Transfer and Recovery Evaluations
  • Turnkey Projects
  • Project Management
  • Specification Writing

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Piping and P&ID

KEI can provide full design prints for equipment and piping. KEI provides pipe sizing design and layout prints for facility specific projects, and full plant steam and condensate design to best practice. KEI provides P&ID layouts for mechanical bidding as well as piping layouts for equipment, skids, and projects.

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Equipment & Heat Transfer

KEI will work with your facilities team to provide technical selection and sizing for equipment and piping for heat transfer.

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Heat Recovery

Allow our team to review the options of heat recovery for your plant with the associated loss justification to support moving the project forward. KEI works with all team members and is a trade ally with the regional utility incentive programs available for the customer to utilize for funding projects.

  • Condensing Stack Economizer
  • Boiler Stack Economizer
  • Vent Condenser
  • Air to Air Heat Recovery
  • Glycol Heat Recovery

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