KEI provides engineering services for: Steam & Condensate System Design, Piping Design, Equipment Sizing, Heat Transfer Design, Heat Recovery, and will also provide CAD prints and P&ID drawings for the facility. Learn more


Food & Beverage Processing

KEI Steam Solutions provides complete steam, condensate, and process fluid equipment and designs to meet best practice solutions for your food and beverage processing plants. KEI will assist your team with sizing and selecting control valves, steam traps, pressure and temperature regulators, heat exchangers, coils, boiler room equipment, condensate pumps, actuated ball valves, gate, globe, check valves, unit heaters, direct inject sparge systems, mixing valves, and associated ancillary equipment. Learn more



KEI provides the following services and capabilities for HVAC needs: Pressure Reducing Valves, Control Valves Electric and Pneumatic, Safety Relief Valves, Steam Traps, Condensate Recovery Electric and Steam / Air Motive Pump Skids, Flash Tanks, and Valves. We also provide building systems and domestic hot water skids. Learn more



KEI provides the following services and capabilities for Industrial needs: General Service Control Valves, Dampers & Expansion Joints, Economizers, Auto Recirculation Valves, Isolation Valves and Condensate Return Pump Systems. Learn more


Original Equipment Manufacturers

KEI provides equipment solutions to original equipment manufacturers. KEI will work with the OEM engineering team to size, select, and properly pipe the factory direct equipment we represent. KEI will work with the OEM procurement team to cut costs through factory direct pricing and will provide technical support on all the equipment KEI provides. Learn more



KEI provides equipment solutions for the Power Industry: Severe Service Valves, Desuperheating Stations & Piping Design, Dampers & Expansion Joints, HRSG Valves, Economizers, Centrifugal Pump Auto Recirculation Valves, Turbine Drain Valves / Turbine Bypass Valves, Soot Blower Isolation, Control Valves, and more. Learn more


Pulp & Paper

KEI provides the following products and services for Pulp & Paper mill needs: Steam & Condensate Systems, Steam Traps, Control Valves, Thermocompressors, Air Makeup Systems, Steam and Glycol Coils, PM Hood Heat Recover Systems, Economizers, Soot Blower Valves, and more. Learn more


Refineries & Ethanol Plants

KEI provides the following services and capabilities for Refineries & Ethanol Plant needs: Delayed Coking, CCR & FCC Valves, Deasphalting, Fixed Bed Hydrotreating, Ebullated Bed Hydrocracking Deasphalting, Gasification Valves, Steam Traps & Condensate Skids, Coils, Switch Valves and Control Valves. Learn more