KEI provides equipment solutions for the Power Industry: Severe Service Valves, Desuperheating Stations & Piping Design, Dampers & Expansion Joints, HRSG Valves, Economizers, Centrifugal Pump Auto Recirculation Valves, Turbine Drain Valves / Turbine Bypass Valves, Soot Blower Isolation, Control Valves, and more.

Severe Service Valves

KEI is the manufacturer’s representative for Mogas, Leslie Controls, and Schroedahl severe service valves.

  • Isolation Valve Solutions
  • Control Valve Solutions
  • Zero leakage capability
  • 1400°F Max Temperature
  • NACE ready
  • Globe & Angle
  • Rugged design
  • Multi stage design
  • Cavitation control
  • High range-ability

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Desuperheating Stations & Design

KEI is the manufacturer’s representative for Leslie Controls, RTK, Schroedahl, and Spence Engineering. Desuperheaters reduce the temperature of superheated steam to its saturation point for optimal heat transfer and efficiency. Allow KEI to evaluate your desuperheating needs.

  • Probe Style
  • Steam Conditioning
  • Insertion Type
  • Venturi
  • Steam Atomizing
  • Mechanical Atomizing

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Dampers & Expansion Joints

KEI represents Senior Flexonics Pathway: www.sfpathway.com

  • Metal Expansion Joint –  Bellows, Rectangular, Toroidal, Turbine Crossover
  • MetroFlex Dampers – Guillotine, Butterfly, Louver, Tandem Louver
  • Fabric Expansion Joints – Teflon, Darlyn, Viton, EPDM, Composite Teflon

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HRSG and Combined Cycle Power Plant Valves

In the face of ever-evolving electrical dispatch requirements, these valves are taking on renewed importance as this equipment moves from monthly or biannual service duty to a daily cycle. KEI can assist the plant with selection, best practice piping, and

  • Mogas – Severe Service Ball Valves
  • Leslie Controls – Severe Service Control Valves
  • Schroedahl – Turbine Bypass Valves, Severe Service Control Valves
  • NEWCO – Gate, Globe, and Check Valves

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Economizers are commonly used as part of a heat recovery steam generator (HSRG) in a combined cycle power plant. A common application of economizers in steam power plants is to capture the waste heat from boiler stack gases (flue gas) and transfer it to the boiler feedwater.

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Auto Recirculation Valves

Pump protection valves are required to ensure the minimum flow rate of a pump at all times. This protects the pump against overheating, cavitation and finally, destruction. If the flow through the pump falls below a certain level the bypass system opens and the fluid will be recirculated providing the required minimum flow for the pump

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Turbine Drain/Turbine Bypass Valves

KEI offers a variety of turbine bypass solutions. The Circor video link below demonstrates how the bypass diverts steam from the turbine to the next level steam header, or condenser. This application sees high pressure drop and thermal shocks, requiring tight shutoff with fast response. Startup conditions require special trim for cold start requirements.

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Soot Blower Valves

Fouling of the boiler tubes is a concern when firing fuels such as coal, oil, biomass, and other waste. Deposits from the combustion process can accumulate on the boiler tubes, causing operational difficulties and reduced thermal efficiency. KEI works with plant personnel to resolve soot blower issues and provides reliable valve isolation and control solutions.

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The MOGAS PORV, a pneumatic actuated pressure relieving valve, prevents excessive system pressure accumulation. The set pressure of the PORV is lower than that of the spring-loaded safety valve to prevent or reduce the number of lifts of the safety valve, thus extending their life.

  • Mogas
  • ASME “V” Stamp
  • Live loading ensures zero emissions
  • Field repairable

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Laurence Solenoid Valves for Turbine & Isolation

R.G. Laurence on/off control valves have proven ideal for applications that demand quick opening and tight shut off, such as in the power and process industries. The rugged construction, that characterizes Laurence valves, has also made them the valve of choice for high temperature and extreme service conditions.

  • Electrically Actuated Shutoff Rotary Valves – 2 way and 3 way
  • Compressor Air Extraction Valve – Butterfly Valves
  • On-Off, Electric, 2-way or 3-way, Auto or Manual Reset

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KEI Valve Automation Center

KEI can provide full valve automation and instrumentation as an authorized valve automation center for our manufacturers.

  • Rack & Piston
  • Electric
  • Pneumatic
  • Hydraulic
  • Instrumentation and specialties

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Valve Service Center

KEI offers a variety of services for valve repair:

  • Line Valve Repair
  • Mobile Valve Repair
  • Valve Maintenance Tracking
  • Field Surveys
  • Portable Machining

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