Improve your system efficiency by redirecting exhaust heat waste and converting it to energy with the help from a leader in industrial heat transfer. Economizers by Super Radiator Coils are constructed as built in pre-packaged units or as stand alone heat exchangers that may or may not have housing.  

Super Radiator Coils offers single stage (non-condensing) and multi-stage (condensing) economizers for hot water, fire tube,  industrial water tube boiler and thermal oxidizers. Designs available for equipment firing natural gas, Fuel Oil #2, Fuel Oil #6, bio fuel and waste or trash burning fuel sources. 


Economizers for Firetube Boilers

The standard pre-packaged Economizer units from SRC come with 304 stainless steel tube, aluminium fin with 304 stainless steel headers.  The exterior box is lined with stainless steel for added corrosion resistance and lined with mineral wool for insulation. Units are commonly certified under the ASME Section VIII Div 1 Code.   

Economizers for Process Heating

This economizer is made with 2.0″  x 0.105 wall carbon steel pipe with 0.75″ high fins, 0.05 thick. The fins are attached via high frequency resistance weld, produced at 5 fins per inch.  

The flanges are 600# raised face weld necks (3) and are equipped with 3000# threaded couplings (3). The bottom of the unit has 9 drains manufactured with 1.0″ Schedule 80 Carbon steel pipe. These drain pans are critical, as the unit is installed with the tubes oriented vertically, and they allow each circuit to be drained individually. 

Economizer with Soot Blower Lane

This ASME U stamped pressure vessel was designed for to support the combustion of farm waste. It uses a bare tube heat exchanger configuration which addresses the contamination in the airstream. 

Additionally, the unit was designed with soot blower lanes. These enable the end user to easily clean the inside of the unit with high pressure air. Access doors were designed into the unit to facilitate this activity.  

Available Options

  • Plate fin or spiral wrap heat exchanger designs
  • Bare tube designs that support contaminated environments
  • Stainless steel tube and fin construction for condensing applications
  • Framed and enclosed housings with installed insulation (ceramic, mineral wool)

Materials of Construction

  • Aluminum fin
  • Carbon steel tube and fin
  • Cupro-nickle 90/10 tube and fin
  • 300 series Stainless steel tube and fin

Design Options

  • Plate fin and tube
  • Spiral wrap 
    • L-Foot
    • Embedded
    • Brazed 
    • Welded

What is an Economizer and How Does it Improve Efficiency?

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