Superior Boiler manufacturers industrial watertube boilers in: Ds-Type, D-Type, O-Type, A-Type, & TSGU-Type.


The Appalachia open bottom A-Type watertube boiler is available for pressurized or balanced draft operation.

The Appalachia is custom designed for firing either natural gas, oil, or solid fuel. The boiler’s convection bank tube spacing is designed for moderate gas velocities



The Huron HRSG (Heat Recovery Steam Generator) is available in multiple configurations: Single pass O-Type, Single pass A-Type, Cross drum multi pressure.


Available for steam (low & high pressure) and hot water (low & high temperature) applications

Iroquois Multipass Steam & Hot water Boiler can burn:

Natural Gas, Propane, #2 Oil, Dual Fuel


The Konza iHRSG Heat Recovery Steam Generator incorporates two proven technologies into one package: Single pass HRSG, Multipass fresh air fired boiler.


High temperature hot water generator

Lakota Lamont HTHW Generator can burn:

Natural Gas


Modular watertube boilers are an innovative concept from Superior Boiler: delivered by truck, ready to assemble, start-up and commission.


The O-Type watertube boiler design has the capability to reach steam outputs of up to 250,000 PPH with pressures up to 900 psi.

The O-Type industrial watertube boiler has a symmetrical furnace with a vertical flue gas exit which allows for a narrow footprint and a balanced center of gravity.



Tandem Steam Generating Units-Type Boiler

Tomahawk TSGU – Tandem Steam Generating Unit can burn:

Natural Gas, #2 Oil

Alternative Energy

It is Superior Boiler’s philosophy that in order for the United States to reduce its dependency on foreign oil, it must take advantage of its many renewable, natural and manmade resources. These resources include Biomass and waste streams from factories, homes, universities and state and federal government that were once routed to landfills, but now can provide the fuel to create the energy to produce combined heat and power for our country.