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KEI is the manufacturer's representative for Nicholson Steam Traps. The Nicholson Steam Trap product line is designed expressly for the industrial marketplace and features traps ranging from highly polished stainless steel sanitary traps to innovative variable orifice F&T (float & thermostatic) traps. Nicholson products are known throughout the industry for their value and durablity.
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Isolation Valves
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Steam Traps
Condensate Return Systems
Desuperheaters & Steam Conditioning
Check Valves
Filtration & Separation
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Heat Recovery
Heat Exchangers
Expansion Joints & Dampers
Predictive Maintenance
There are many types of traps; choice of which trap technology should depend on your application. Allow KEI to help you size and choose the correct steam trap based on your exact conditions.
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  Free Float Design
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