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Severe Service ValvesKEI Products
KEI is the manufacturer's representative for Mogas, Leslie Controls, and Schroedahl. Severe service valves can provide these benefits:
Regulating Valves
Isolation Valves
Severe Service Valves
Turbine Bypass Valves
Steam Traps
Condensate Return Systems
Desuperheaters & Steam Conditioning
Check Valves
Filtration & Separation
Control Valves
Heat Recovery
Heat Exchangers
Expansion Joints & Dampers
Predictive Maintenance
 Improved balanced plug design surpassing competitors
 Longer life trim
 Zero leakage capability
 1200°F Max Temperature
 NACE ready
 Globe & Angle
 Rugged design
 Multi stage design
 Cavitation control
 High rangeability
              AEROFLOW              SEVERE SERVICE
                AXIAL TRIM CV
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